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Il Tiglio - Within the vicinity

Il tiglio - escursioni
Il Tiglio - Escursioni
Il Tiglio - Escursioni

LAGO DI PILATO (Lake of Pontius Pilate)

Located 1940 metres above sea level and sandwiched between the high peaks of Mount Carrier, Lago di Pilato is the only glacial lake of the Apennines. It houses a small unique species of crustacean - Chirocefalo Marchesoni, found nowhere else in the world. The lake takes its name from the legend that Pontius Pilate's body fell into the lake from the summit of Mont Redentore (Mount Redemption). From Foce - Walking distance approximately 3 hours.

The summit of Mont Sibilla offers the best overview of the Sibillini Mountains at 2145 metres. There are the ruins of the entrance to the cave, famous for its legends.
From the Rifugio della Sibilla - Walking distance approximately 1.5 hours.

One of the most beautiful canyons of the Sibillini Mountains. The trail follows the river Tenna. Along the way you reach the church of the hermitage of San Leonardo (1130 metres) where Father Peter reconstructed ancient ruins of a Gothic Church.
From Rubbiano - Walking distance 35 minutes.

At 2476 metres is the highest peak of the Sibillini Mountains. The peak offers a vast landscape. On a clear day, to the east, you can see the Adriatic Sea.
From Forca di Presta - Walking distance 3 hours.

A plateau, that extends for 80 km at an altitude of 1200 meters, that washes the feet of Mont Vettore.
Distance by car 1 hour.

Gole dell'infernaccio - Le pisciarelle
Gole dell'infernaccio - Passeggiate in mountain bike


The small and picturesque village of Isola San Biagio is one of the many villages along the “Great Ring of the Sibillini” which is composed of nine stages starting from Visso and continues in a clockwise direction. Of course the ring can be travelled in the opposite direction or be started anywhere along the way. Each stage can be explored in a day or two. The Great Ring of the Sibillini is a hiking trail of about 120 km that covers the entire mountain range. In addition to the variety of landscapes and natural beauty it provides evidence of the priceless culture that the historical park preserves.

Padre Pietro al lavoro


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